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How to choose scaffolding for your construction project?

Scaffolding is an integral part of the construction industry. Your choice of scaffolding can make or break your entire project. It not only impacts the safety of your workers, but it also affects the overall productivity and progress.

Scaffolding is an essential requirement for many building projects as it allows safe access to workers at higher elevations to make it easier for them to carry tools and equipment. There’re a lot of tasks at construction that are pretty impossible without proper scaffolding.

However, construction projects are unique and challenging. With different types of scaffolding available in the market, it is pretty daunting to select the right kind. You need to consider several factors while choosing the type of scaffolding for your construction projects, like durability, safety, height, and type of scaffolding.

Whether you’re a construction manager or a builder, knowing about different types of scaffolding is crucial to choosing the right type for your project.

Types of Scaffolding

What type of scaffolding should you choose – supported, suspended, or adjustable? Well, before you pick one, it is good to point out the specific requirements of your project. That’s because not one size of scaffolding will fit all types of jobs around your project. So, you might have to pick various kinds of scaffolding, and you should choose one based on the characteristics of your site.

  • Suspended: A suspended platform scaffold can be an excellent choice for an unstable site. It can be adjusted by lowering the height. Similarly, supported platform scaffolds can be modified to meet the needs of both. A good approach would be to choose the best type of support for your construction projects.
  • Adjustable: As the name implies, this type of scaffolding can be raised or lowered via a system of pulleys. Adjustable scaffolding has only one platform that you will adjust, keeping in view the level of the building where work is underway. While adjustable scaffolding may be the best option, a suspended scaffold may not be suitable for a tall building or with variable dimensions. As long as the structure is stable, it should be sturdy enough to support the weight of the construction crew. It is essential to consider the height of the building and how the construction will progress before deciding on the appropriate type of scaffolding.
  • Supported platform system: It is also a common type of scaffolding that comes with an elevated platform. This system has a wood or metal platform held together by poles and frames. The quality of supports and structure of the scaffolding will impact the overall sturdiness of the system.

Project requirements

It is essential that you are well aware of the construction needs before making any decision about scaffolding. You need to evaluate your needs like space, height, number of crew requirements, load, dimensions of the building, and surrounding environment. You can choose either one type or combination to meet your project requirements. If you have space constraints, consider a flexible scaffolding system. While adjustable scaffolds require crane operation, they are not ideal for tight spaces.

The type of scaffolding will depend on your project’s load and access. If your project is taller than 30 feet, it should be supported by a sturdy base. If your project is smaller, you can choose adjustable scaffolding. If your construction site is smaller, choose suspended scaffolding. For very tall structures, you should look for adjustable scaffolding.


The next important consideration is the height and ground stability of the structure. If your scaffolding needs to support heavy materials, you should consider scaffolding with a sturdy and stable foundation. If the ground is strong and reliable, the best choice would be supported platform scaffolding.

Otherwise, you can pick a suspended system to be on the safer side. Never rely on guesses about ground stability because you’re putting the crew’s lives in danger as they’ll be working on the highest with a vulnerable, supporting system. Similarly, if you’re working on a project where supported platform scaffolding will hinder access to the building, you may choose suspended scaffolding.

Reputable Scaffolding Companies Like Skyrise Scaffold Systems

Good scaffolding is a must for your construction project, and so is a scaffolding company. When choosing a scaffold solution, make sure to look for a fully insured company that possesses the proper training. A reputable scaffolding company will provide a sturdy, adjustable structure that will allow workers to work in the exact position they require. Scaffolding companies such as Skyrise  Scaffold Systems have experts that can evaluate your project requirements, including available space on your site and will guide you with the right type of supporting system.

Safety and budget

When choosing scaffolding, consider the performance, safety, and budget. Whether you need a scaffold for a residential or commercial project, a platform scaffold would involve moving parts creating safety risks for workers. So, make sure you choose a scaffolding company that is well aware of safety requirements and regulations in your area.

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