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Why Use SkyRise Scaffold Systems To Design Your Custom Access Solution?

Skyrise Scaffold Systems is your one stop shop for all your scaffold design services. We provide design consultancy including engineer stamped design drawings, calculations, risk assessment and all relevant safety solutions. We have a team of industry experts that are able to provide you game-changing scaffold designs that will give your project a definite boost in progress.

Serving the Nova Scotia province and primarily the Halifax/Dartmouth region, we’re committed to fill all your needs of competent scaffold design solutions. We’re proud of our unrivaled quality of design services with user-friendly drawings and in-depth calculations.

We know all secrets of scaffold design and that enables us to deliver engineering and value together. Don’t worry if you’re stuck in a complex structure, we’ve got unlimited possibilities and we’d love to work with you. SkyRise Scaffold Systems is a brand committed for simplifying complex access requirements.

Our range of services includes site survey, design briefs, inspection and compliance of design, independent design checking, and as-built design verification. We provide design for access solutions across all applications in infrastructure, industrial, commercial, residential, power generation, oil &gas, and distribution projects. We’ve got years of experience designing all systems of scaffolds. We’re committed to save you time, money – and materials.

We never hesitate to go that extra mile to help you work safer and deliver projects quicker than ever before. So, even if you have the most challenging sites, we’ve got your back with innovating scaffolding design solutions.

Innovative Scaffold Designs

We provide superior scaffolding designs you can count on for all types of projects. We’ve got most experienced and skilled team covering the areas of Halifax, Dartmouth, and the entirety of Nova Scotia. Whether you need surveys and quotes for new design packages or you need safety inspection services, we’ve got you covered.

Our designs are fully supported by detailed calculations prepared by using in-house latest software and structural analysis packages. Our designs are focused on build-ability and simplicity to let you have scaffolds that are as labor efficient as possible. Because of our expertise at site, we know how to design scaffold so the erection team can stand it out in matter of no time. We provide designs that are super-efficient in terms of material usage and at the same time are robust, compliant, and clear.

Experienced and Skilled Team

With our reliable, qualified, and professional team of expert scaffolders and designers; we’re able to assess your project needs in no time. We can provide you the best possible design at transparent prices that will ensure your project runs smoothly. Our designs are based on detailed calculations incorporating all safety and design checks. We optimize designs for adequate rigidity, stability, and strength while erection and dismantling.

Competitive Prices

We provide premium scaffold designs optimized for safety and best user experience at affordable prices. No matter your project is simple or complex in nature, we’ve got the best design solutions from a winning combination of design, engineering, and industry expertise. Our designs are included in 95% of our quotes for free. The only time we may charge for design is if you have a very complex project that requires more resources or stamped engineer drawings.

Health and Safety Compliant

Our engineers and designers take health and safety seriously. We’re striving to provide safe and specialist services for all your scaffold design needs. We’re fully insured and provide designs fully compliant with latest OH&S regulations. We evaluate our designs with detailed checks for all bracing, frames, and structural members. We consider detailed design process to ensure high level of engineering analysis and scaffolding expertise. We deliver scaffold designs with enhanced problem solving, performance, safety, and reliability.

Exceptional Workmanship

No matter how complex or unique your project requirements are, we’ve got a design solution that will boost your productivity and pace of work. Our engineering and design services for scaffold are a result of decades of experience. We deal with all types of scaffolding commonly used in Halifax and Dartmouth. From frame scaffolding to Ring-Loc and from cantilever and clamp to suspended, we can provide a detailed design for all your needs.

We know designs are incomplete without calculations. So, we’re here to substantiate all our scaffold designs drawings with detailed calculations proving that our designs work. Our calculations include all the structural arrangements, loading conditions, check on capacities under load combinations, braces, evaluation of stability and rigidity, and checking of supporting foundations. We provide you more than just a design; we provide the proof of adequacy as well as the integrity of the scaffold structure.

Time To Call The Experts

Your investment with SkyRise Scaffold Systems is an investment in your reputation, site safety, and overall productivity. Call us now and let’s have a quick chat about your next project.


From design to erection until completion. We serve you scaffolding needs!


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