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Whether you’re working on a new construction site or are involved in a renovation work, you have to deal with construction debris and waste. Sites with a lot of clutter and waste are more prone to accidents. Such unsafe working conditions could result in untoward events on jobsite like tripping or falling. Moreover, the site schedule could go haywire. So, how would you deal the debris out?

If you’ve engaged manual labor for debris removal, you might have to spend a lot of time and money. Moreover carrying garbage by hand is time-consuming and unsafe, especially for high-rise constructions. So, why not let gravity do the work?

Yes, debris trash cute makes waste disposal much easier. They provide you safe, easy, and cost-effective trash removal system.  A trash chute is composed of large tube comprises of linked units with hoppers, collection, and door sections.

SkyRise Scaffold Systems offer debris chutes as a popular and a cost-effective elevated work zone debris management solution in Halifax, Dartmouth, and across the province of Nova Scotia. Our garbage chute system reduces your spending on debris removal and helps you save time. So, forget about the issues of dust and danger of flying debris on your site.

Debris Management System

If you’re a project engineer and are exasperated due to construction waste, debris chutes are the way to go. Our debris management system not only makes your working conditions safe and less risky but it also makes your site uncluttered and orderly. As a result, the efficiency of your workers will be enhanced and you’d be able to meet project deadlines without cutting down your project margins.

Being in the industry for over 15 years, we’ve been helping contractors and roofers in eliminating debris and dust off their projects. So, they won’t have to waste hours reinstating and clearing the site from clutter and debris.

With our experienced professionals and licensed experts, we can quickly guide you about the best debris removing chute system for your project. We strictly follow quality standard and we can easily customize our chute products to meet the needs and requirements of your site.

Why SkyRise Debris Chute Services?

No matter the height of your work platform, our debris chutes allow access at every floor and roof level and you can deposit the trash into the dumpster at the bottom. Our durable polyurethane debris chute system works perfect for all sorts of construction work, demolition, roof work and special applications like snow removal and landscaping.


By using our debris chute service, you won’t have to engage any manpower specifically for debris disposal. Our highly flexible and well-adapted debris chutes will help you in reducing dust and noise level at site. So, even if you’re working along congested spaces, the task for debris removal will be pretty easy.

In association with SuperChute, we have come up with a state-of-art technology to give solution for the problems faced in debris disposal.

Fully adaptable and flexible

No matter the amount of waste you’re dealing at site, we’ve chutes offered in wide range of diameters. With trash chutes, there’d be no trash bags to deal on each floor of worksite. Workers can just throw debris or trash in the disposal.

No contact = improved sanitation

As manual workers are not dealing with trash or debris anymore, there’d be no physical contact of your labor with the trash. Thus, you can eliminate health hazard along hallways, stairways, or other areas of the building or project. Moreover, with timely removal of trash, there will be no issues like fungus or mold.


We take safety seriously and we expect you take it too. So, don’t use manual labor carrying trash from upper work areas down to the trash containers. They can hurt themselves while doing so. Debris chutes will save you money on workers’ insurance claims or fine from health and building departments.

Durable and abrasion resistant

With chutes available in two designs – wraparound and welded, our debris disposal system is ideal for roofers, scaffolders, contractors, masons, renovators, supply houses, and rental stores. Welded design chutes won’t need any assembly so we can quickly assembly the entire chute.

Easy to erect and perfect to use

The system includes safe and strong cable linking system. Being light and flexible, we’ve got the best debris chutes in town. They’re quiet during use so considerably reducing the noise pollution around construction sites. No matter the working height, we can link our chute section of 40” with 8” overlap. These debris chute system can be installed at the exterior periphery of the building or scaffoldings.

Let’s get rid of the debris together

You’ve got the trash and we’ve got the chute to dump it in. Just give us a call, and our team will be ready to evaluate your project requirement and offer the best possible debris removal system for your project.


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