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Why Use SkyRise Scaffolding Hoarding For Construction Jobsites?

We at Skyrise Scaffold Systems take safety seriously and with our innovative scaffold hoarding solution, we help you create the physical barrier between your construction site and the public. We’re able to achieve variety of configurations to suit your hoarding requirement. With our fully tailored hoarding solutions, we’ll help you to reserve and separate construction site from the general public. Our engineers create customize hoarding solution to make your site safe and secure while ensuring corporate identity. 

Make your site safe and secure. 

So, if you’re currently engaged in building or maintenance work along part of a property or you’re working on a project along public highway, we’re help you achieve safe areas at ground floor level or platform at high level. With our type A or type B hoarding, we deliver premium quality at affordable prices.       

Shield unsightly construction work. 

We’re a licensed company and we provide all site specific temporary works design and calculations. So, if you’re looking to shield unsightly construction work from site and keep disruption of the local ambience to minimum, we’re here with our hoarding panels. We’ll help you exceed the mandated requirements of health and safety regulations.  

Protect workers and public 

So, if you’re engaged in an extensive renovation project, we’ve got your back. Our designs not only secure your perimeter from unauthorized access but also provide you the privacy to work without worrying how you look while working. Our construction hoarding designs will give enhance your reputation among clients as your site will look clean and orderly. There’d be no issues as dust or debris escaping from the work zone. You can also use these hoardings to advertise and showcase your services for future clients.  

No distraction enhanced productivity  

With Scaffolding hoarding and restricted access, strangers will not penetrate the building site so there’d be no distraction for workers. It is also safe for drivers with no works revealed to the public.   

Enhance privacy 

Being a reputable scaffolding hoarding company, we know countless possibilities of taking this compulsory site feature for your advantage. With our sturdy design and high-quality workmanship, all your equipment will be well protected along with the public or passersby. We deliver durable panels that can be made as tall as you need and act like a physical barrier. Our hoardings ensure that no unauthorized person can stumble upon the site areas and gives a clear boundary to your site.  

Why us?  

From repair work and painting to construction, we provide certified scaffold hoardings that are best in the Halifax, Dartmouth, and indeed anywhere in Nova Scotia. Whether you just need fencing for your site or you have substantial scaffolding, we provide all types of flexible hoarding for the job. We design and install all range of scaffolding hoarding for both residential and commercial projects.  

Simple and effective designs 

We fully understand the complex designs of scaffold hoarding and that’s where we use our years of experience and engineering judgment to deliver what works best for your project. 

Tailored services adaptable to your requirements 

At Skyrise Scaffold Systems, we’re your one stop shop for all scaffolding hoarding needs for any jobsite across Nova Scotia. We offer a robust access system through our scaffolding hoarding designs that also provides security. No matter the size, scale and requirements of your project, we deliver solution fully adapted to your projects specifics.  

We cover everything 

Once you’ve hired us, our experts evaluate your site for specific requirements, appearance, and functionality. They’ll determine safe area dimensions, height requirements, suitable color scheme, and path of clearance for pedestrian or vehicles. We fully incorporate safety signage in our design provisions. With clearly define areas and entrances, our designs are super-easy to erect and implement. We’ll help you to obtain  

Fast turnaround  

Our hoarding erection teams are fully versed with executing installation as per design scheme. Our installers are licensed and experienced in properly fixing all materials including braces, laps, joints, and foundations. Depending on your site requirements, safety signage, instructions, and warnings are labeled. Our inspection team also evaluates your scaffolding hoarding on regular basis to check out its condition.   

Time to call the experts 

So, call us now and we’ll cover all your scaffolding hoarding solutions from design to erection.  


From design to erection until completion. We serve you scaffolding needs!


Leave it to the professionals to provide specialized solutions for your scaffolding needs!

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