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Why Use SkyRise Scaffold Systems Shoring For Construction Jobsites?

Skyrise Scaffold Systems services are providing turnkey shoring services to the areas of Halifax, Dartmouth and all across Nova Scotia . We’re here to help our clients deliver complex and unique construction projects well on time. Even if you’re worried for an intense deadline pressure, you can count on your abilities and together we can make it happen. Shoring plays an important role in defining the shape of structure and avoiding any mishap during construction work. So, it is important to invest in high-quality materials and engage a well-reputed shoring company.   

Skyrise Scaffold Systems has been in the professional business of shoring for over a decade. We’re a team of highly devoted and skilled individuals striving to help our clients involved in commercial as well as residential projects.     

So while you’re working really hard to create something big and unique, we got your back. With our premium construction shoring design and installation services, you can work with peace of mind.   

Tailored shoring services 

Whether you’re undertaking a renovation or repair project and you require support for elements or formwork during construction, we’ve got variety of shoring types. While construction is ongoing on a site, it is pretty important to support all structures in a way that they stay stable and structurally supported. That’s where shoring erection can keep all your workers safe by stabilizing a potentially hazardous construction area.  

We at SkyRise Scaffold Systems are a team of highly skilled engineers and shoring experts. No matter the scope or nature of your project, we can advise you on right type of shoring. Whether you need conventional construction scaffold shoring or you need a custom system tailored for your project; we’ve got you covered.  

Our range of services 

We design and provide heavy-duty shoring components that are capable of sustaining great weight and pressure. We have in-house structural engineers who brought on to calculate the size, number of type of shoring supports required for the job per the loading requirements. Our designers ensure safety of shoring with consideration of factors like ground conditions, load factor, environment, dimensions of the structure, and the load combinations.   

Our designs are fully backed with detailed calculations that show our systems actually work. Our erection team is also comprised of skilled and licensed experts that fully understand execution of shoring systems. Once your shoring system is in place fully erected, our supervisors check on the sturdiness and safety of the entire system.  

Turnkey temporary shoring 

While you’re involved in some high rise infrastructure work, we’re here with our temporary shoring solutions to ensure your structure and the work site is safe. Our quick and efficient shoring services give you strong and robust supports to help you achieve project deadlines. Our supporting structures are engineered to site specific conditions thereby eliminating any risk of collapse.  

We drastically lower your project risks by licensed and certified shoring products that are designed and assembled with ultimate care and professionalism. All our shoring systems are made of heavy-duty modular steel components in order to support thousands of pounds of the building component or a bridge. We’ve been helping our clients in Halifax and Dartmouth during construction, renovation, and demolition projects. Similarly, if you’re working on repair of a hefty structure like a bridge or a culvert; we can provide the shoring system to let you perform necessary repairs.  

Don’t worry if you have unique requirements. Our designers will work closely with you to design and install a shoring system that meets your needs. No matter how complex your structure is, we can easily evaluate your structural requirements and load capacity specifications. We love challenges and that’s what makes us the preferred options for most clients in Halifax and Dartmouth.   

Time to Call The Experts 

Our shoring systems allow our clients to work effortlessly and build cantilevers, outriggers and other odd-shaped structures with ease. We take safety seriously and that’s why we work deeply to provide superior quality shoring system to help you get the job done easier.  

From basic supporting components, to system accessories, we’re specialized in shoring system configuration. Our high quality material, professionalism, and superior workmanship make us stand out among competitors. So, call us today to discuss your requirements and purchasing needs. We’ll get our team engaged in no time.  


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